Airbrushing ..Automotive and Print


Happy customer Mike Pageau picked up his new Logo and Airbrushed Kick Skin “Big Fat Tip!”

“Transformer” Mask for Jeff Dickson march 12/03

Harley tank….a bit of a “softer” side!

Mask for Sgt Joe Wysman commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the PPCLI

Goalie Mask for Eric Schultze 2013

Guitar Commission 2012

Well,  I ‘m sitting here looking at a blank white guitar. Strat knock off! that I want to trick out but can’t decide on a theme!!!!

Thinking of a black and white fim noire approach….maybe an early 60’s TV theme???????

Goalie Mask Commission

The client is a Police officer and weekend Goalie. He requested these elements: an old fashioned Limestone prison, a lock, key, and handcuffs! The rest was up to me!

Flaming Skull Helmet 2012 (without visor)

“Joker” tank with Batman and Nightwing!

Finished product “Union Jack”

Work in progress Union Jack Tank

Reaper design

Winter commissions are now being accepted for Custom Airbrushing Sept 2012

The Bone Guys!

New antholgy I am working on called “The Bone Guys”by Pat Shea.

Zombie Hockey

I ran across a company looking for original artwork for T Shirt designs and they specialize in “sporting” themed shirts with a twist. Zombie sports!

So  I was intrigued and for my own amusment designed this poster.

Character Study

Diggyr  character study

“Sommer” Working on my coloring skills.

Second Page of “On Trial” inked

First page of “On Trial” inked

Working on the third page of “God on trial”

Trying to find inspiration for the third panel of “God on trial” written by Robert Downes. I will be inking the first two pages soon and will post both pencils and inks in this blog.



A work in Progress!!

copyright © material




My new Graphic Novel (working title “Dark Redemption”©) is starting to really take shape.

Now.. many of the pages need to be reworked and I now feel that I need to add a few more pages to help the continuity of the story, but all in all, not shaping up too badly!! It should come in at 60 pages when complete so I still have about 20 to go, plus eight for the insert story “God on trial”.  Wish me luck!!  Feel free to view what I have up to this point (remember there will be revisions…especially the really wordy pages) in the dropdown menu of Portfolio entitled  (wait for it…) Graphic Novel.



What if God were put on trial?

I am now working on a new min-Graphic Novel that will be an 8 page insert in “Dark Redemption”. Written by Robert Downes, it’s a compelling and thought provoking look at our society and how we have conditioned our selves to blame others for it’s destruction.

“Gods on Trial”


Coming soon!

Digital colouring someone else’s pencil!

This is a pencil by a friend of mine  and he has allowed me to color this.